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Key considerations to make before building chatbot

We can help you build a successful Chatbot.

Are you thinking of building a chatbot for better customer engagement or to support your internal support system portfolio? Well, here are the key considerations to make before starting to make chatbots a part of your team.

Meaningful Engagement

It's not about what AI can do today; it is all about how it can help your core business operation teams better and engage your customers better. So take time and dig deep before you commit to having a chatbot for your organisation to brainstorm key use cases where chatbots can help your business teams or your customers. Chatbots need to be configured to provide better engagement and meaningful services.

Platforms and coverage

Organisations will have to begin to properly prioritise different channels or methods of communication and recognise which platform/channel their users like the most to interact with bots. Moreover, to ensure the maximum coverage and accessibility for users, it is good to consider how many platforms/channels you need to have, e.g., website chatbots, potentially in-app chatbots, chatbots on numerous messaging platforms, etc.

Leveraging AI

When implementing chatbots for your business, you need to know how and when to leverage different forms of AI properly: natural language processing, sentiment analysis, language translation, etc.

Training Costs

If you are not training your bot regularly, then it can become outdated soon. Thus, when planning your budget, do plan for regular training costs to make your chatbot productive with regular enhancements to have better engagement.


If the users are making purchases or providing their personal and private information through the chatbot, then it is the organisation’s absolute responsibility to ensure the data is adequately protected, and don’t forget GDPR, if relevant.


If you have a very diverse customer base, then consider implementing a multilingual bot and handling different dialects, as well as colloquial terms, for a better experience.

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