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We build intelligent and advanced chatbots for your website, a Facebook message bot, a GoogleChat bot, a SlackBot, a Skype bot, and with the personality that suits your business. With access to advanced capabilities in engineering, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud computing, we can conquer and implement the most demanding bot applications on a large scale, including bots that use artificial intelligence tools. and intelligible voice intelligence services.


Elevate IT collaborate with AKO.AI for payments over chatbot through Paymark's OPEN payment.


We can integrate chatbots with existing applications and data sources, use bots to send leads directly to your CRM and even provide voice-activated chatbots on portable devices.


We have proven conversation design specialists which can help you bring the personality of your bot to life and create a truly engaging user experience.


Contact us today to find out how we can realize your bot ideas.


Typical use cases of chatbot where chatbots are providing excellent operational efficiency and cost savings:

  • Reduce call centre traffic and provide a 24x7 response on frequently asked questions, inventory and product inquiries

  • Direct customers to the information they need

  • Frequent transactions e.g. order a coffee or favourite pizza

  • Expense management/claim automation

  • Company policy guidance bots

  • Making general FAQs more engaging and productive

  • Payment collection reminder calls

  • Any tasks where you want to provide uniform information to clients or employees

  • Charitable payment bots



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