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AI Capabilities for your business

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Successful AI Strategy - Part 1

AI elements like natural language processing, deep learning, forecasting and optimisation, and computer vision can be used in various combinations to build an AI capability. Here are some use cases in where you can use AI capabilities in your business:

• Prediction. Capture short- and long-term data fluctuations to improve energy usage forecasts.

• Image recognition. Determine if the nodes of a CT scan are malignant or benign.

• Speech to text. Transcribe the voice messages from the customer to the text to identify the mood and perform additional analysis.

• Pattern recognition. Understand current trends or behaviours for customer financial transactions and identify discrepancies in an account's expense data to detect potentially fraudulent behaviour.

• Cognitive search. Make personalised recommendations for online shoppers by matching their interests with those of other customers who have purchased similar items.

• Natural language interaction (NLI). Provide a software application with the ability to generate a sales revenue forecast report without having to execute it yourself.

• Natural language generation (NLG). Get summaries of everything that has been analysed in a large collection of documents.

• Classification. Examine the images and group them by species to help protect wildlife.

Artificial intelligence applications are built from these artificial intelligence functions that can be used independently or in combination, depending on the problem you are trying to solve. All artificial intelligence applications depend on objectives and data.

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